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Final Smash: Part 16 – EpiLOG


And this brings Final Smash to a conclusion. It was a long time in getting there. I think a lot of that had to do with our unexplained hiatus. This hiatus will not be explained today, or possibly ever, but we’d like to thank you for sticking around for the conclusion of our only multi-part storyline. There is still one more Sunday Smash comic before the end, so stick around. Or don’t, I guess. I probably won’t know either way.

I really have nothing else to say about poop, which is surprising given who I am. Or maybe it isn’t surprising. I did just write a 16 part story about it, after all. There will be a much more robust blog post accompanying the final comic. Be sure to check back!


Posted by: Sunday Smash | December 3, 2011

Where’d Ya Go?


Hey, few remaining Smash fans. It’s Marc. You may be asking the same question as Dicky and his friends here.

The truth is I got burnt out and busy with other things. And with only THREE Sunday Smash comics yet to be published. Sad, I know. Life’s been crazy with work, side projects, drama, friends, and family. Oh, and video games. How about that Skyward Sword?! :D

Anyway, Smash created an 8-10 hour-a-week commitment I was unable to keep. It’s not fair to the readers and my cohort Kevin to keep taking long breaks when things get hairy, being ambiguous about what I want to do and how far I want to go with Smash, and just being an Emo McFangface in general. So I’m done.

As far as I know, Kevin intends to return to the world of comic making one day. Hopefully working with me didn’t leave a sour taste in his mouth. He’s got a gift for the medium and I look forward to whatever he has in store for the world… God save us all.

That being said, the final three comics will be published. I have two comics to complete and Kevin will illustrate the final strip. Ever. And it’s going to be awesome. When are we going to do this? I don’t know. No promises. But it will happen. And when all is said and done, I plan to professionally publish all 110 comics in physical form for anyone who wants it (and would be willing to pay for it). So that’s… two people?

Big promises, I know. Promises that I intend to keep, with deadlines I intend to ignore. I’ll get around to it soon, I swear.

With Love,

Marc (A. Gorilla)

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Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

SmashCon 2011 closed its doors this morning with Kevin boarding a plane back to the east coast and Marc going back to work. So today’s comic’s title has an unintentional double meaning, I suppose. As it always kind of sucks for Smash’s creators to be bi-coastal, it sucks even more when we hang out for a week and then have to separate again for months or years until the next visit. But today is a sad day for yet another reason, for it is here that we bid an eternal farewell to the punchline of our very first comic:¬†Emo McFangface.

Emo was a creation of Kevin and his real-life (and comic) coworker Bethany as a satire of the modern Twilight-era vampire. As our biggest supporting character, he’s been featured in eleven Smash comics to this day (that’s more than 10% of our stories!) and just never could catch a break. It was always ever so much fun to ruin his day on these hallowed pages and it really feels like the end of an era to kill him off. At least we had the decency to provide him with a little hope in his final seconds of life… before killing him off in the only way we could feel good about. As for his mystery assassin; well, for you game nerds it may be obvious, but the rest will have to wait until next week for the reveal.

<3 Marc

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Silent… BUT DEADLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Final Smash: Romantic Thriller Comedy? Have we invented a new genre here? Much like the chemist who indiscriminately blends too many different elements together to his ruin, are we mixing the flask of our own undoing?

Oh, and please note that today is the 100th Episode of Sunday Smash! As a fitting celebration, Smash Con starts today at 11pm PST (I’m pretending that this was by design instead of a coincidence). In a couple of hours, I’m boarding a plane and flying all over the country with layovers in ridiculous places in exchange for a reasonable ticket price, then spending the week at Chez Matters. My 3DS is charging, my iPod is loaded up with episodes of The Uncanny X-Cast, and I’m ready to go!


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Final Smash: Part 6 – Clouded Judgment

If anyone asked me who my favorite Sunday Smash character is, I would probably answer Emo McFangface, so it’s only natural that the punchline from our very first comic make an appearance during the finale. I feel like I could probably write an ongoing series about Emo’s melodrama, although in order to get inside that character’s mind I have to listen to a good deal more 3OH!3 than I’m comfortable with.

Big news! Next Sunday I will be boarding an airplane and flying across the country to attend the second annual SmashCon! This is a convention that is closed to the public and consists of Marc and I sitting on his couch playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Phantasy Star 0, Dokapon Kingdom, and whatever other games we fancy while drinking expensive Belgian ale. I also intend to pick up the rare Marc Matters 3DS Mii.

Also, this week I’m very excited to download 20 free games from Nintendo for being a 3DS early adopter. The games they’ve revealed are ones I’m actually interested in too; they aren’t giving away trash. It’s times like this that I remember why I love Nintendo. They may have abused us with years of nothing but casual titles on the Wii and a pitiful 3DS launch lineup, but this is the kind of thing that allows the healing to begin.


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Final Smash: Part 5 – Refreshment

Let today’s episode be another reminder of the power of mint, which conquers all. It even goes so far as to transform no-nonsense police officers into speedo-clad party animals. The next time you’re planning to drive under the influence, make sure you have a pack of Drinkly’s Gum with you. Also, be sure to inform me of what you are about to do so I can break your elbows or use some other appropriate means to discipline you for your idiocy.

It was a rough week in Smash-land. Last Monday, a certain gorilla you all know and love sent me an e-mail with a subject line reading “kl;gars hippo oerhb.” This roughly translates into English to mean, “Unprecedented frustration,” or “profound sadness,” and I understood why as soon as I opened the e-mail and he informed me that he had just accidentally deleted every Smash comic he ever made, which is about 60% of our total offerings. Oh, and we have no back up.

I frantically searched the internet for a program to recover deleted files. I found something, but it was expensive and the majority of the files recovered were corrupted. It was quite unfortunate. The comics I’ve drawn are safe and sound, and now safely stored on my Macbook Pro’s hard drive as well as my thumb drive, and will soon be stored on a DVD as well. We still have low resolution copies of every comic, but the original 300dpi files we had intended to submit for publication are gone. I guess the moral of the story is back your priceless stuff up.

The irony? He deleted the files while attempting to back them up. So maybe the moral of the story is do not back your priceless stuff up and you won’t accidentally delete it. I could really go either way at this point.


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Final Smash: Part 4 – Death in the Family

Ah, Officer Drinkly. It has been too long since last we saw you. For those of you (such as myself) who have been living under a rock, if today’s last panel doesn’t make sense, perhaps this will help.


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Final Smash: Part 3 – Too Little, Too Late

Today’s comic was well worth producing just to see Marc illustrate (and then vandalize) Kristen Spewart’s stupid, ugly face.

Poor, poor, Diddy. We finally assign him a name as he is in mortal peril. We’ve been unofficially referring to him in scripts as Diddy for quite some time now, and we figured it was probably time to let everyone else in on it too. He made a good number more appearances in Smash than I initially thought he would. He first appeared here because Kevin needed someone to torment, and Marc the Real wanted it to be a young cousin so that it didn’t seem like Marc and Kevin hang out with random young boys and emotionally abuse them on a regular basis.

In a short, yet illustrious webcomics career full of many good decisions, it was still one of his better ones.


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Final Smash: Part 2 – Poop Ninjas!

Today we put up part two of Final Smash, wherein we introduce our nefarious villains. The plot (and stool) thickens!

The title “Final Smash” is significant for a couple of reasons. First of all, we are big fans of the Smash Bros. series, and Brawl introduced Final Smashes, which are powerful finishing moves unique to each character. The other reason the title is significant is that the storyline you are currently reading contains the final Smash comics you will ever read. After this story is over, we’re hanging it up. We have the story mostly scripted out, however, and we still have a couple of months left of mayhem, destruction, and fecal humor, so stick around. We want to send all of our characters off in style before we’re done. We’re only telling you this much in advance because Marc and I didn’t want a final strip to take you all by surprise. After all, we aren’t poop ninjas or anything.


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Final Smash Part 1: Fecal Matters

This week (and the next several) we have something special in store for you. In the past, Smash has steered clear of continuity aside from recurring characters and running gags; however, we decided to try our hands at a continuing narrative. May I present the Sunday Smash Epic: Final Smash.

This is a story we began work on over six months ago and have continued refining until we felt it was ready to go. The original inspiration came to me when I stepped into the bathroom at work and was immediately slapped in the face with a wave of horrific fecal odor yet again. I wondered to myself what kind of beast could continuously make a bathroom smell that horrible without being caught. It struck me (much like the fecal odor struck my nostrils) that a good ninja commits his dirty deeds done dirt cheap without ever being seen, and so the poop ninjas were born.

The blog is late, and for that I apologize. I was at a LAN party all day yesterday and League of Legends consumed my time. The comic is what I worry about having posted on time, so I’m not terribly upset. Hopefully none of you are either. Have a happy July 4th.


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